Rework, or re-work or re-working, is the definition reserved for the industrious and technical operation of refinishing or repairing an electronically printed circuit board assembly, also known by its acronym, PCB. The work of custom design systems key largo fl engineers involves de-soldering and re-soldering of surface mounted electronic parts and components (SMD). In this area of reworking and custom electronic design work mass processing techniques will not be applied to single device repairs and/or replacements. Instead, specialist manual techniques are applied by tech experts.

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These are achieved through the use of appropriate equipment used to replace defective parts and components. Also, area array packages such as the ball grid array BGA), are used, and these require expert understanding and handling. Hot air guns are used to heat devices and melt solder. And it is always necessary to use specialized tools that have the ability to lift and position the tiniest of components, so small that they could never be picked out with the human hand. The custom design process and reworking series of actions takes place at a rework station. A range of tools and its related supplies are lined up at the rework technician’s workbench.

The typical rework requires the use of a number of components. All these must be worked on systematically so that no damage to surrounding parts occur. Those parts not worked on will be protected from heat and damage. The thermal stress created by the electronic assembly is kept as low as possible. This is necessary in order to prevent any unnecessary contractions of the board because this could cause damage. Finally, it has become necessary to do soldering work with a lead free solder in order to counter hazards to human health and the environment.